Upcoming Events

Cheryl is excited to offer these upcoming events in Ecuador!

Come meet the bloggers and others on the FI Path!

FI Chautauqua Week 1:  August 22-29. 2020 with Tanja, Kiersten, Kara and Cheryl

FI Chautauqua Week 2: August 29 to September 5, 2020 with J.D. Roth, Piggy, Kitty, Tanja and Cheryl


Two hours north of Quito in Ibarra, Ecuador at Hacienda Chorlavi

FI Chautuaqua Group Tours Ecuador
FI Chautauqua Group Picnics in Ecuador
FI Chautauqua in Ecuador

The Sacred Waters of Ecuador Retreat!

With Co-hosts Cheryl Reed and Jay Stailey of Houston, Texas 

Itinerary 1: Galapagos Islands and Whales July 24-August 1, 2020

Itinerary 2: Galapagos, Whales and High Sierras July 24-August 5, 2020

Itinerary 3: High Sierras and Cloud Forest August 1-8, 2020


Andean landscape near Riobamba, Ecuador
Gallo de la Pena Waterfall Pacto, Ecuador
Garapatero Beach, Santa Cruz, Galapagos, Ecuador