Cheryl Reed started Project One Corner after witnessing the poverty into which some people were born and not knowing how to help. She realized that sometimes it isn’t from lack of hard work that people can’t escape the poverty, but the lack of opportunities.  So her solution has been to change the circumstances of one person or family at a time, in one small corner of the world.  Cheryl gives ten percent of her earnings to help various people in her community.

The first recipient of Project One Corner was Cheryl’s farm hand’s son,  Freddy (left). She sponsored his college education so that he had the chance for a different life. He graduated in 2016 with a Degree as a National Tour Guide in Ecuador. 

Carlos (right) was the recipient of a donation from Project One Corner. Carlos works as a day worker cleaning pastures, putting up fences or other manual labor, but is often limited in the work he can take.  He now has a new motorcycle which allows him to accept more jobs. Alex (center) was studying at the University and needed a laptop computer. Her step-father purchased a lap-top from the black market, but unfortunately after arriving back home, they realized there was no actual computer inside.  Project One Corner bought her a brand new laptop. See below for a complete list of causes Project One Corner has funded.

Jim, Pete and JD, bloggers who co-hosted retreats in Ecuador, gave this family a new home!  Rather than accepting a speaking fee, they donated it to Project One Corner.  Elena and Simon’s home was damaged in an earthquake, rendering it unlivable. They had no place to live with their seven children so they temporarily moved into this old chicken coop (photo on the left.)  Little by little, they were repairing the damage on their home; but it was going to take a long time with the small salaries they earned.  With the money donated by the bloggers, we were able to complete the house installing windows, electricity, doors, ceilings, tile floors, and a new kitchen.  They now have a real home!

Here is a current project you can help with!

My neighbor, Don Jose, lives down a steep path at the end of the road. He walks to town with his donkey to stock up on food supplies. He has no electricity and gets his water from the neighbor’s spring which doesn’t always flow in the summer. Don Jose makes a living processing sugar cane into a sugar block called panela and makes about $70 a month.  The panela is processed under a 30 by 20 foot roof that also doubles as his home. At one time he had plastic walls on his “bedroom” but that has since fallen down. After years of us asking, he has finally agreed to let Project One Corner build him a bedroom, supply it with a proper bed and fix the roof on his factory. We would also like to buy him the supplies so he can have a constant water supply from town.


Approximate Cost:  $3,000 with labor