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In honor of the Chautauqua tradition of 19th-century rural America, Cheryl replicates the best of this early self-improvement movement by bringing together the top FI bloggers and their readers for an in depth look at Happiness and the Post FI Life.



In addition, we will explore Ecuador, including trips to crater lakes, waterfalls and the equator.  We’ll observe Indigenous weaving demonstrations, harvesting of the Agave plant and make music with Ali and his family. Watching birds of prey fly high in the Andes Mountains will take your breath away, as well as climbing up into the towers of the Basilica Church in Quito.  Join us for an extraordinary week of learning and adventure at FI Chautauqua Ecuador!


Registration Now Open for the FI Chautauqua Ecuador June 2022!

Come join your favorite FI Bloggers!

Experience an unforgetable all-inclusive week of presentations, discussions, laughter, fun and site seeing with your FI Tribe in the amazing country of Ecuador.

When:  June 18-25, 2022

Speakers:  Jessica and Corey from the FIoneers, Karsten from Early Retirement Now, Gwen from Fiery Millenials and Cheryl Reed from Above the Clouds Ecuador.

Where:   Two hours north of Quito in Ibarra, Ecuador at Hacienda Chorlavi.

Everyone's safety is our top priority. Please read our Covid Policy here.

COVID Precautions

A safe Chautauqua is very important to us so we are implementing the following guidelines.

All attendees and speakers will be required to be vaccinated.

We are capping the number of attendees at 20.

We will test everyone for COVID the first day of the event.

If someone is symptomatic, we will get them tested immediately for COVID and if positive they will be isolated.

At this time, the USA requires testing to reenter so we will provide that on the Friday before you go.

We are taking every precaution, however if someone does test positive and cannot return to the USA the quarantine can be done at Cheryl’s guest house. You will not be charged a nightly rate but you would be required to contribute to food and transport. The house has wifi and a full kitchen.

The presentations are held in a conference room with two big doors that can remain open and we will socially distance the seating.

Breakfast and lunch are served in the courtyard.  Dinner can be held in the courtyard, weather permitting (it gets a little chilly at night.)

Currently, Ecuador requires masking in public and on buses so we will follow those guidelines and reassess the situation as the time nears.

The Hacienda has a lot of outdoor space to enjoy with courtyards, hammocks, sitting areas and an outdoor pool. All of the excursions are outdoor activities: the Condor Park, Lake Cuicocha, the waterfall, weaving demonstrations, and optional Quito tour the last day.

“Ecuador feels like visiting the Heart of the Earth, and Cheryl’s events feel like coming home to this incredibly special place. I had the joy of attending and co-hosting five years worth of 25-person trips with her, and every single time, our group came away with lifelong friends and lifetime memories. Her combination of creative organization and soulful connections with both visitors and locals is what makes it all so special, like no other vacation you will ever take.”

Mr. Money Mustache


What are they saying about Chautauqua Ecuador?

The Itinerary for your FI Chautauqua week in Ecuador!

Saturday: Arrival in Quito. Stay at San Jose de Puembo near the airport.

Sunday:  Cayambe Sundial. Hear a new version of how the world should be viewed while you stand on the equator.  Watch Indigenous women harvest the Agave plant.  Pamba Mesa Picnic at the Oldest Hacienda in Ecuador.

Learning about the equator at Quitsato Sundial, Cayambe, Ecuador

Pamba Mesa Ecuador

Agave Honey Harvest, Cayambe, Ecuador

Monday:  Presentations in the morning and afternoon by the speakers.  In your free time you can play putt-putt golf, sit in a hammock or enjoy the gardens at Hacienda Chorlavi.

Tuesday: Presentation in the morning by a speaker. Lunch at Lake Cuicocha which is an amazing active crater lake. Take a boat ride around the Islands or hike. Stop at Cotocachi town of leather goods.

Laguna Cuicocha, Imbabura Province, Ecuador

Lago Cuicocha Boat Ride, Otavalo, Ecuador

Wednesday:  Presentation by a speaker in the morning. Afternoon Group Activity. Free time to hammock, swim, enjoy the jacuzzi or sauna.

Thursday:  Group Activity in the morning. Peguche Wasi Textile tour. See how the famous Otavalo Indigenous weave their tapestries.  We will then visit Ali and his family in their music workshop where they will sing for us while we play along.  After, we take a hike to Peguche Waterfall.


Paguche Wasi Weaving demonstration Otavalo, Ecuador


Indigenous Musician Workshop Otavalo, Ecuador

Peguche Waterfall, Ecuador

Friday: Break out sessions in the morning.  Afternoon trip to the Condor Park where we will watch birds of prey fly high in the Andes Mountains.

Condor Park, Otavalo, Ecuador

Bald Eagle “Gringo” about to fly in the Andes.

Saturday:  Head to the airport if you have a flight before 5 pm.  If you fly at night, take a tour of the Historic Center of Quito. Or stay and see more of Ecuador!


Plaza Grande Quito Ecuador; Basilica, Quito, Ecuador






Karsten “Big Ern” Jeske, Ph.D., CFA retired in 2018 at the age of 44 after a long career in academia, government, and Corporate America. He previously taught economics at Emory University in Atlanta and worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and BNY Mellon Asset Management. He now lives in Washington State with his wife and daughter. He also writes for his blog Early Retirement Now on all topics related to personal finance. His Safe Withdrawal Rate Series is considered the Gold Standard for early retirees navigating the challenges of decumulating assets. Karsten’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, CNBC, and many other media outlets around the world.


Cheryl Reed is your host in Ecuador and has led ten FI Chautauquas since 2013.  Cheryl volunteered in Ecuador in 1997 and immediately fell in love with her. She later returned and purchased a farm in the subtropics while spending part of the year working in the States to support herself.  When she is in Ecuador she enjoys growing coffee, running Retreats and hosting people at her new guest house, Above the Clouds.  She is also very proud to support her local community through her foundation, Project One Corner. Her favorite topic is happiness and joy and how to develop it in your life. 



Gwen is a Millennial in her early 30’s on the path to Financial Independence. She first discovered the concept as a junior in college and has tried many different ways to achieve financial independence over the last 10 years – from blogging to podcasting to striking out on her own as an entrepreneur to investing in real estate. Gwen is the voice behind the blog Fiery Millennials and can be found with her cat Bartholomew in St Louis, Missouri.
Jessica and Corey

Jessica and Corey

Jessica and Corey (aka The Fioneers) are a mid-30s, DINK (dual-income, no kids) couple who started pursuing FI in 2018 while they were both working in nonprofit organizations. As a financial blogger in 2011, Corey knew all about FI/RE but didn’t think it was for them (mainly become of the lower salaries that nonprofits offered). After growing their careers and realizing that working in a nonprofit is just another form of the rat race, Jess and Corey decided to pursue FI and start The Fioneers to track their journey. They are the creators of the Slow FI philosophy which focuses on using financial freedom you gain along the path to FI to design your life. Ways they’ve designed their own lives include: taking a career break, working part-time, starting a business, becoming a full-time entrepreneur, and buying a campervan. All of these will eventually support their goal of having a location-independent lifestyle.  

FI Chautauqua June 18-25, 2022

Pricing and Registration for FI Chautauqua

June 2022 Chautauqua has SOLD OUT.


You can place your name on the waiting list below in case a spot opens up or to receive information on future events.  We may add a Fall Chautauqua.  Thanks for your interest!

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